I am a printmaker and artist whose work is largely based on nature and rural Midwest culture. With a wide ranging background in photography and digital processes, I seek to express myself in more traditional intaglio mediums. After a number of years in a commercial eCommerce setting as a creative manager and studio photographer, I found myself creatively unfulfilled and lacking a desire to pick up a camera. After leaving my commercial career and spending a year pursuing other goals, I found myself inspired to create and make work again.

The bulk of my work is within the intaglio family, though it is not limited to. Exploring the history and processes while experimenting with modern methods and technologies, I am always looking for the best methods to express a given image.

Born and raised in Michigan, I spent a good deal of my youth exploring the gravel roads and rural areas of Michigan by bicycle. My current work is strongly influenced by those countless hours spent watching the farm fields evolve and change along with the seasons. As I grew through my teenage years, I watched as countless family farms were sold off and those lands became subdivisions. Now, instead of seeing farm equipment rumbling down the gravel roads, you see streams of commuters nearing the end of their hour long commute home. Now, having spent better part of the last eleven years in Washtenaw County, I strive to create a body of work that embodies the rural farms and nature that is so readily available around Ann Arbor.

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Jesse A Richard