A Stamp and A Seal — Part 4


Three days after they had last intended to meet, a letter from Margaret addressed to Stan arrived. Written in her perfect hand, folded crisply twice, and sealed with red wax, it described her sudden departure and cause of her absence. A dear friend had fallen gravely ill, meaning her presence requested; therefore, a sudden and untimely departure was required. This was not entirely unexpected as her friend had been ill for some time and the matter conferred upon during their conversations. Her letter apologetic, he grateful to receive a word. The words sincere, one could even assert comforting. Continuing beyond the explanation, she included vivid descriptions of her travels and the city she was visiting. Keenly reading her correspondence, he let her words fill his imagination for he had never traveled to New York, or for that matter any city of notable size. Though her departure abrupt, she concluded that she would send further word, including that of an expected return date. Folding the letter at its creases, he placed it back inside its envelope before pulling paper and pen from his desk.