Tea and Coffee — Part 2


Having enjoyed their first encounter, Margaret and Stan met for tea and coffee. It was an early evening meeting as they had both worked the preceding hours of the day. The hour was nearing dusk, the lights above the tables had been lowered for the evening, and a soft melody gently filled the silent spaces. The venue was rather busy, but neither of them would hardly notice. She had an Earl Grey, he a coffee. Hers was had with milk and sugar, his straight black. They each had a scone with a local blackberry jam. They shared brief talk of their day but quickly moved to stories of life, literature and experiences. After finishing a second cup, they again took a stroll along the river. At the conclusion of the walk, he walked her to her door. It had been ages since either had experienced a moment such as this and yet, it felt familiar. Having already had their fill of tea and coffee, she made plans for the day after next. She gave him a small kiss on the cheek and slipped inside. They still had plenty of time.