part 1

First Meals — Part 1


The first time Margaret and Stan met for a shared meal, it was at a small table draped in a red and white checkered vinyl tablecloth. The type that wipes easily and is backed with a teased white matted backing fabric so that it has an ever so lightly cushioned feel, to which it retains the traces of the dishware even after they’ve been taken away. She had an omelette and he a Belgium waffle. Both plates were picked at nervously and the pair of coffee cups topped off numerous times. Hers was mixed with half & half, his straight black. When a lull in the conversation occurred, notes were compared on the various local businesses that adorned the placemats that their plates had previously rested upon. It was agreed that the featured chiropractor was no good, however the dentist was rather reasonable. Later the discussion turned to the likeliness of them having met previously, it was a rather small town after all. Once the bill was paid, they took a stroll along the river.