The Story Bard of Shallowdeep - Sept. 14th

"Who be you?" Asked the guard.

"I am Mathieu Oliver, the story bard of the Shallowdeep.  Certainly you're familiar with my work."

"I be not. What business do you serve here?"

"I have come to entertain the good folk of Phandalin for the coming festival. My presence was requested by Sildar the third through written correspondence." 

Handing a folded letter, written in a scholarly hand to the guard, Mathieu stepped back. The guard unfolded the letter and looked I over. It was clear that he was neither well read nor literate, but he did possess the requisite knowledge to identify the Townmasters seal.

"Very well. But you must leave your weapons at the gate."

"I am but a humble and honorable Dwarf, I carry no weapons. Only the provisions for travel and my craft."

"Very well."

The guard moved aside and opened the gate, pushing the large wooden door on it's creaking hinges. Mathieu stepped inside and was enveloped by the noise and chaos of modern Phandalin. A town at the foot of the Northern Sword Mountains, that was in the midst of a great revival. Once a fledgling mining town, it began to prosper after the heroic exploits of the Green Coats.

Mathieu had recently been to the Chamber of Man where he studied the legends and tales of the Fearful Five, their trip through the Feywild, and their closing of a Crossing that could have brought destruction to much of the material plane. And in turn, he hoped to glean the small details and stories of the Green Coats.

After a few inquiries, Mathieu was eventually able to secure a meeting in the chambers of Sildar the Third.

"Tell me good Mathieu, what travels have you taken before arriving here?"

"Well sir, I have only just descended from the peak of the Sword Mountains, having visited the site of the destroyed portal. It was a bit of a shame to see its state, given its importance. So much graffiti and vandalism."

"It is a shame, for certain. But the further we are removed from those days the better."

"I concur, but I still, nevertheless desire for the preservation of history. Though I suppose keeping too much around means less work for us storytelling kind."

"Ah, yes, job security."

The conversation between Sildar and Mathieu extended deep into the night. Stories were swapped, ale was shared. In the small hours, after town had become hushed, Mathieu was shown to his quarters in the central tower.