The Personailities of Good and Bad - Sept. 3rd


Recently, I sat down for coffee with Good and Bad. I hadn't intended on doing so, it just sort of happened that way. And when these things happen, I don't ask questions. I let them be and sort out the details later. So here I was, sitting at the local coffee shop working on a cup of coffee and a new, used book. When, shortly after finishing the first chapter, Good walked in, introduced herself, and struck up a conversation. It was a pleasant and delightful conversation. We talked about a multitude of topics. It brought joy and peace to the day — something that I was much in need of.  

After some time, Bad walked in and just sat down. He didn't ask, didn't introduce himself, simply sat down. I was put off near immediately but didn't want to be rude. Though I can say, this was not the case for him. I tried to keep a civil conversation, but the harder I tried, the more it deteriorated into chaos. He attacked me, and he attacked Good. He belittled our characters, he chased our fears, and ultimately drove Good to tears. All that my conversation with Good had been was undone and then some. I was left bitter and sore.

After Good had been chased away and Bad was all too proud of himself, he left me. I tried to read on, but I just couldn't — Bad weighed too heavily on my mind. Closing my book, I went for a walk to try to clear my head. The things Bad said stirred and attacked my soul, they ate away at my sense of confidence. I was challenging things that I shouldn't be questioning. The sting of this occurrence lingered in my mind for days. But slowly, I began to see Good and Bad for what they are.

Good is gentle and Good is kind. She never demands and never commands. She is compassionate and caring. Everything one would expect her to be. But with these traits comes her weaknesses. She is timid, she is shy. Good — try as she might — is quickly overshadowed by more boisterous personalities. She can easily be made to feel small, she can fade into the background when chaos takes over. She has every intention to do right by the situation but is sometimes in need of help.

Bad on the other hand, we'll he is a dick. He will throw gas onto hot coals just to burn you. He will indiscriminately attack you as a person for no other reason than self-amusement. He is apathetic and cruel. He will chase your weak moments like a dog trained to hunt fox — by instinct and force. But here is the thing about bad, he is indifferent. He doesn't care about you or about your feelings. Though he may target them, it's not about you —  you just happen to be an available target. He is also ignorant, and as such, there is no point in arguing or debating. It is a battle that can't be won as he has no dog in the fight, only the interest in watching the kill.

As I came to these realizations, I started to find peace again. I saw Bad for what he is and knew that it's his ignorance that makes him what he is. And I began to see Good for all that she can be. But it needs to be said that Good needs to be defended. She needs to be supported and encouraged to be herself, wholly and truly.

It's incredible to me that someone such as Bad can have such a devastating impact on lives when he is simply a self-absorbed, uneducated, arrogant dick. But, it's nice to know that we can easily walk away and he'll find something else to do because ultimately, he doesn't care about us, he's not concerned with us in the least, he's only interested in himself. As for Good, she'll have her day. Next time I see her, I'll treat her to coffee, she'll be able to see the joy and peace she brings.