Campfire Bonds - Sept. 5th


The fire was lit but night was hot and damp
Above the flame the sparks and smoke took rise
We sat silent, we sat in joy and peace
To share ourselves we talk in hushed code
Whisper ideas of who we are this day
Of what we have become to one another

Twilight has gone, the air goes still with night
The sound of place and time, wooded concert
Cricket do chirp, the frog does moan in time
A calm moment, a place, our time, we share
The fire lets down, the glow goes gently forth

We should do nights like these for need and want
To deny ourselves kinship and friends is mad
So join, go forth, begin anew and choose
To build and trust, I’ll match your secrets with mine
And bonds will form and grow stronger with time

This was a first attempt at blank verse with iambic pentameter.