Stan Bids Farewell to Margaret - Sept. 6th


Before we part, before you board that train

Oh love, I know it rains, in fact it pours

But look to me, I must divulge this ache

Be here, do stay, leave not these days we share

That look, beyond the tears so much it says

Perhaps silence is best, we might embrace

I feel your warmth as we wrap arms up tight

So close and tight, you pulling me in close

I do the same, to hold a shiver back

The last whistle to board has been given

You look to me, your gaze says that I must

Your heart says that I’m coming back to you

In the window I see you found your seat

A gentle wave, soft smile, goodbye you gave

I see you off, as you depart for now

As I am left to stand as it pours rain